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Frequently asked Questions

Your meals are sent out for delivery between 12 pm to 8 pm on Sunday and between 9 am to 8 pm on Monday. 

We value the loyalty of our customers and the quality of our meals.

If there are any problems with your meal, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order and we will send out a replacement or a credit if your item is no longer available.

You can change any of your personal information by logging into your profile under the “My Account” section. We accept all order changes up to 24 hours before meal orders leave our facility.


Your meal order status will be provided to you by one of our team members on the delivery date that you choose.

If your meal order is being shipped, then you must follow up with the parcel service for further information.

You can get customer support by going to the “Contact Us” section and supplying your contact information with a message stating your concern. A team member will reach out to you within 24 hours.

We here at Premium Nutrition Meals love connecting with new customers from around the world. Contact us and see!

The number of meal container packages is determined by the size of the order. Our large order boxes can hold up to 20 meals at one time.

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